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0.00 Version History
1.00 Introduction
2.00 Story

3.00 Controls
3.1. Warp room
3.2. General in game
3.3. Crash Bandicoot
3.4. While Hanging
3.5. Underwater
3.6. Rocket
3.7. Hover Bike
3.8. Polar Bear
4.00 FAQ/Tips/Glitches
5.00 Bestiary
5.1. Enemies
5.2. Bosses
6.00 Items and Boxes
6.1. Items
6.2. Boxes
7.00 Walkthrough
7.1. Warp room 1
7.1.1. Level 1 Jungle Jam
7.1.2. Level 2 Shipwrecked
7.1.3. Level 3 Temple of Boom
7.1.4. Level 4 Frostbite Cavern
7.1.5. Level 5 Just in Slime
7.1.6. Boss 1 Dingodile
7.2. Warp room 2
7.2.1. Level 6 Snow Crash
7.2.2. Level 7 Rocket Racket
7.2.3. Level 8 Just Hangin’
7.2.4. Level 9 Shark Attack
7.2.5. Level 10 Ruined
7.2.6. Boss 2 N. Gin
7.3. Warp room 3
7.3.1. Level 11 Snow Job
7.3.2. Level 12 Ace of Space
7.3.3. Level 13 Sunken City
7.3.4. Level 14 Down the Hole
7.3.5. Level 15 Blimp Bonanza
7.3.6. Boss 3 Tiny
7.4. Warp room 4
7.4.1. Level 16 Star to Finish
7.4.2. Level 17 Air Supply
7.4.3. Level 18 No-Fly Zone
7.4.4. Level 19 Drip, Drip, Drip

7.4.5. Level 20 Final Countdown
7.4.6. Boss 4 Neo Cortex
8.00. Colored Gems
9.00. Extras
10.00. Copyright
11.00. Thanks

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Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

By: Kenny Barney

7.00 Walkthrough

7.3.5 Level 15 Blimp Bonanza

Sapphire: 2:58:20 My best time: 2:35:20
Gold: 2:44:90
Platinum: 2:36:30 Best reader’s time: 2:35:40

---------------- Checkpoint Check ----------------

First: 13 boxes Second 25: boxes end: 41 boxes

A sunset, jetpack level. The first few boxes are a no brainer, then a set of speed boosters. After that comes a barrage of bombers and fighters. Take them out, and roll (L or R) to avoid significant damage. Soon after that will come fire crackers. Shoot them, or dodge them or you will experience heavy damage. Destroy all of the boxes that come into your path, including the nitro ones, while you are being attacked. Soon you will reach the blimp. Shoot the head many times and it will self-destruct (well not really, because you did it.)

Get the health and other boxes, and shoot enemies. You will be attacked by six fighters. Shoot them all out of the sky. Destroy more boxes, and shoot down more enemies. Eventually you will encounter the second blimp. Shoot it, and continue. Destroy the armada of planes, bombers, and firecrackers. Eventually you will go through more speed pads. After that, an even larger armada of fighters will attack. Destroy them, and dodge everything that they throw at you, and approach the blimp. Shoot it down, and the level will end.

Run into the clock, and shoot the time boxes as they come up. Make sure to go through all of the speed pads. Shoot as many enemies that you can while dodging bullets (not matrix style), and getting all of the time boxes. When you come to the blimp, start shooting in advance, and continue shooting, in the head, until it falls. Continue shooting enemies and time boxes until you reach the next blimp. Shoot it and repeat until you reach the speed pads. Hit all of them, and shoot everything until you reach the final blimp. Destroy it, and get a relic.

7.3.6 Boss 3 Tiny

Tiny, despite his name, is a huge, muscled creature. He hops on the platforms, relentlessly chasing you. You need to spin him when he gets his spear stuck in the rocks. Periodically, some of the platforms that he jumps on will collapse.

The first thing you need to do is MOVE. Tiny is about to jump on you. After he jumps onto the platform that you were just on, he will jump three more times. You need to keep one platform ahead of him, and can not touch him. After the third jump, he will get is spear stuck in the rock. Use this time to spin him.

After you spin him, he will jump up into the trees. Leaves will fall down showing where he is as he moves to the leftmost platform. When he lands on it, it will collapse. After that, he will jump after you five more times. After the fifth jump, he will get his spear stuck again, so spin him. He will hide in the trees again. When he falls down, it will be onto the top platform. He will chase you for five times, and again will loose control over him pitchfork. Spin him one final time, and the third power will appear. It is the Tornado Spin. Press the B BUTTON quickly and you will spin for a long time. You can use this to float across distant gaps and holes.

Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

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