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0.00 Version History
1.00 Introduction
2.00 Story

3.00 Controls
3.1. Warp room
3.2. General in game
3.3. Crash Bandicoot
3.4. While Hanging
3.5. Underwater
3.6. Rocket
3.7. Hover Bike
3.8. Polar Bear
4.00 FAQ/Tips/Glitches
5.00 Bestiary
5.1. Enemies
5.2. Bosses
6.00 Items and Boxes
6.1. Items
6.2. Boxes
7.00 Walkthrough
7.1. Warp room 1
7.1.1. Level 1 Jungle Jam
7.1.2. Level 2 Shipwrecked
7.1.3. Level 3 Temple of Boom
7.1.4. Level 4 Frostbite Cavern
7.1.5. Level 5 Just in Slime
7.1.6. Boss 1 Dingodile
7.2. Warp room 2
7.2.1. Level 6 Snow Crash
7.2.2. Level 7 Rocket Racket
7.2.3. Level 8 Just Hangin’
7.2.4. Level 9 Shark Attack
7.2.5. Level 10 Ruined
7.2.6. Boss 2 N. Gin
7.3. Warp room 3
7.3.1. Level 11 Snow Job
7.3.2. Level 12 Ace of Space
7.3.3. Level 13 Sunken City
7.3.4. Level 14 Down the Hole
7.3.5. Level 15 Blimp Bonanza
7.3.6. Boss 3 Tiny
7.4. Warp room 4
7.4.1. Level 16 Star to Finish
7.4.2. Level 17 Air Supply
7.4.3. Level 18 No-Fly Zone
7.4.4. Level 19 Drip, Drip, Drip

7.4.5. Level 20 Final Countdown
7.4.6. Boss 4 Neo Cortex
8.00. Colored Gems
9.00. Extras
10.00. Copyright
11.00. Thanks

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Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

By: Kenny Barney

7.00 Walkthrough

7.3.3 Level 13 Sunken City

Sapphire: 1:39:60 My best time: 1:07:90
Gold: 1:21:70
Platinum: 1:14:20 Best reader’s time: 1:08:90

---------------- Checkpoint Check ----------------

First: 21 boxes Second: 33 boxes Third: 47 boxes End: 54 boxes

If you go left, instead of right, you will see an extremely difficult (note heavy sarcasm) puzzle to get the green gem. To get it we will need to backtrack through most of the level, so if you want it, make sure to kill all of the enemies. Go right, and take out the enemies and boxes. Graze the TNT to set it to timed detonation, then go right. Go down, past giant eels, and activate the TNT. Then go up. Hit the first checkpoint.

Go right and you will encounter your first squid. Spin it into oblivion, then do the same to the local boxes. As you go right, you will encounter more squids and a shark. Kill them, then go down, killing two puffer fish. Hit the ! box. If you aren’t going for either gem, then skip ahead.

If you are going for either gem, then you will need to backtrack to the beginning of the level to get some boxes and the green gem. Do so now. Touch the one TNT box in reach, then back off. Get the green gem inside, then go all of the way back.

Your back, good, I was getting worried. Go left, and smash through the first boxes you might have seen in a while, besides TNT ones that is. Kill the shark, and nab the check point, your second for 33 boxes. Go down, and you will see squids and mines. The easiest thing to do is to go below the first mine, then up, above the second mine while killing a squid. It can be tricky to spin without propelling yourself into the back mine. Either way, continue left, making sure not to run into the squid, and hit the third checkpoint.

Go down, then right. Dodge or kill the animals that get in your way, and smash the boxes. Go past the puffer fish, and get the box that is sort of hidden if you went above them. Also, you might want to get the crystal. As you continue, you will find a mine. Go above it, and carefully spin the shark. Then touch the TNT and go right. Get the gem, and exit the level. Congrats, you got three items at once, the first time cheers for you.

Hit the clock and go right. As always, for the best time continuously press the A BUTTON. Swim past the enemies, spin any that get in your way, and go to the TNT box. Spin the wooden crate in front of it, let it blow a path for you, then continue. Spin through the squids and the shark, then go past the ! box, which you don’t need to get. Go below the first mine, then spin through the squid and go above the second mine. Get the one second box, then spin through the boxes guarding the second one. Get the two that is right near it, and continue. Follow the path, dodging enemies, until you reach the end.

7.3.4 Level 14 Down the Hole

Sapphire: 1:32:40 My best time: 1:07:40
Gold: 1:23:40 Platinum: 1:07:40
Best reader’s time: 1:04:80

---------------- Checkpoint Check ----------------

first: 18 boxes second: 37 boxes third: 60 boxes bonus: 21 boxes End: 97 boxes

Double-jump on to the platform at the right, then do the same left. Go down and take out the spiked lizard. Double-jump right. Get the mask and the TNT. Carefully take out all of the floating boxes, except the nitro, of course. Go right and hit the first checkpoint. Jump on the stack, then go left. Get the boxes, then take out the stack. Carefully get the one box floating above the nitro, then go right. Duck below the darts, and take out the dart blower.

Duck and double-jump just next to the iron crates to get the mask above. Body-slam the iron crates, then take out the TNT and 1-up boxes in the basement. Take out the plant, and the dart blowers as you go up. From the platform next to the arrow, jump right and get a 1-up. Then take the arrow up. Shatter the iron crates, and go back up again. Hit the second checkpoint, and dodge the darts. If you get hit by one, crash will pop. Take out the dart blower, and go right.

Get the crystal, then go a body slam on the right part of the iron crates. High double jump back up and take out the remaining box. Go to take out the next group of iron crates, and you will get more boxes on the way down. Go right, and take out the bouncy boxes. Go left, and destroy the stack of boxes, and the two spiked lizards. Carefully get the boxes above the nitro, then hit checkpoint number 3. Take out enemies and boxes, then ride the bonus platform.

Take out the stack of boxes, then go right. Use the arrow to go right more. Jump once on the bouncy box, and continue. Get the box in the pit, below an outline box, and jump left. Hit the ! box, and go back left. Get the one-up and go back right. Exit.

Go left, and take out two spiked lizards. Continue left. Jump on the dart blower. Directly above it is a nitro !, hidden in the leaves. Double-jump to get it, then continue along the beaten path. Carefully go past the steel crates and dart blowers. Go right to end the level.

Detonate the TNT, then go back and hit the clock. Double-jump onto the platform, then hop off so you go over the spiked lizard. Jump right, and get the mask and 1 second box. Stop to get both time boxes next to the nitro, and continue right. Double-jump over the iron crates and TNT, then go right. Jump on top of the box near the nitro, and continue. Spin the weirdly dressed person, then get the mask. Continue going up, then body-slam your way down as quickly as you can. Pick yourself up, and go right. Fall down, and get the mask, then jump over the stack. If you are invincible, dash as quickly as you can. If not, then take out or dodge enemies, and jump over the nitro. Spin the TNT to save time, if you have a mask and need the time, then keep going.

Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

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