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0.00 Version History
1.00 Introduction
2.00 Story

3.00 Controls
3.1. Warp room
3.2. General in game
3.3. Crash Bandicoot
3.4. While Hanging
3.5. Underwater
3.6. Rocket
3.7. Hover Bike
3.8. Polar Bear
4.00 FAQ/Tips/Glitches
5.00 Bestiary
5.1. Enemies
5.2. Bosses
6.00 Items and Boxes
6.1. Items
6.2. Boxes
7.00 Walkthrough
7.1. Warp room 1
7.1.1. Level 1 Jungle Jam
7.1.2. Level 2 Shipwrecked
7.1.3. Level 3 Temple of Boom
7.1.4. Level 4 Frostbite Cavern
7.1.5. Level 5 Just in Slime
7.1.6. Boss 1 Dingodile
7.2. Warp room 2
7.2.1. Level 6 Snow Crash
7.2.2. Level 7 Rocket Racket
7.2.3. Level 8 Just Hangin’
7.2.4. Level 9 Shark Attack
7.2.5. Level 10 Ruined
7.2.6. Boss 2 N. Gin
7.3. Warp room 3
7.3.1. Level 11 Snow Job
7.3.2. Level 12 Ace of Space
7.3.3. Level 13 Sunken City
7.3.4. Level 14 Down the Hole
7.3.5. Level 15 Blimp Bonanza
7.3.6. Boss 3 Tiny
7.4. Warp room 4
7.4.1. Level 16 Star to Finish
7.4.2. Level 17 Air Supply
7.4.3. Level 18 No-Fly Zone
7.4.4. Level 19 Drip, Drip, Drip

7.4.5. Level 20 Final Countdown
7.4.6. Boss 4 Neo Cortex
8.00. Colored Gems
9.00. Extras
10.00. Copyright
11.00. Thanks

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Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

By: Kenny Barney

7.00 Walkthrough

7.1.6 Boss 1 Dingodile

This is the first boss that you will face. It is a fairly easy fight. He will walk back and forth, shooting underwater missiles straight up at the ceiling. When it hits, a spike will fall. If either the spike or the missile hit you, it means the end of a life, and the start of a new one, if you can. If you touch him, then you will die, but if you touch his force field, then you will come out intact.

At the start, he will walk across the screen, and then he will shoot missiles. Try to stay in between his shots. When he shoots a missile straight up at the far left, he will just stand there, walking in place. The piece of rock will fall on him, and his force field will go down. He will shake himself, dumbfounded. This is the time for you to move in. Spin him, and then back off quickly.

Sharks will come from the sides and swim across. Attack any that get in your way. He will walk back and forth, and then shoot more missiles. This time make sure that you are either in front of, or behind where he is shooting, because the missile shots are closer together this time. When he is in the corner, again a spike will fall on him. Move in, and whack him again.

Again sharks will attack; so spin any that get in your way. His attack plan won’t be any better this time, but the sharks have another idea. They will attack at the same time that he is shooting. Avoid the spikes and missiles, and spin the sharks if needed. You would think by now that he would realize how to dodge a falling spike, but he doesn’t. When his force field goes down for the third time, spin his. It will be his doom. Swim to the power up that appears, and grab it. It is the super body slam (A + R). This will destroy nearby crates and enemies.

7.2 Warp room 2

7.2.1 Level 6 Snow Crash

Sapphire: 1:43:00 My best time: 1:20:50
Gold: 1:36:70
Platinum: 1:28:00 Best reader’s time: 1:27:50

=- - - - - - - =
Checkpoint Check
=- - - - - - - =
First 14 boxes Second 35 boxes Third 50 boxes Bonus 31 boxes End 92 boxes

Go right and jump on the penguin to reach the box. Continue going right, and grab the mask. Slide across the ice, and kill the seal.

If you are not going for the second gem, then skip ahead to the normal level. Slide across the ice, and kill the seal. Jump to the next platform, and stand at its edge, wait for the penguin to walk to the edge. When it is at the edge, jump on it. Then double-jump to reach the blue gem suspended above.

Go right, and jump over the pit. Kill the penguin, and repeat for the second one. Jump onto the ice. Continue until you reach the edge. Follow the fruit down, and spin the bear. Bounce on the arrows, and land at the very edge of the ice. When it is save, go past the crushers, and kill the two penguins. Jump across the gap, and carefully slide and jump on the ice. Kill the polar bear, and jump again. As you land on the blind jump, spin to take out a penguin. Jump up and right, on the alternating ice and steel, until you reach solid ground.

Go right, past the crunchers when it is safe, and bounce on the arrows. Follow the fruit down, and spin a bear as you go. Go right, and past the final super Crash crunching killer of the section. Grab the gem, and exit. You will drop down, and continue the level until it ends.

Kill the penguin if you need to, and continue right. When you reach the snow, you will see a wooden pole that crashes into the ground. If you hit it, it will be crushed Crash. Carefully go past them, and jump to the arrow box. Hold the jump button to reach the bouncy box at the top. Go right and fall down the hole.

Run into the checkpoint for 14 boxes. Quickly go right to get 4 more boxes, then go to the id left and run over the speed pad. Go right, left, then center. Jump over the penguin, then get more boxes. Stay in the center, getting more boxes, until you reach the second checkpoint. Get more boxes, and speed some (B) in order to prevent the hulking Crash killer behind you from catching up. Jump over the three row of landmines, and stay in the center.

Dodge the penguins, then speed for a second time. Speed some more to avoid tall, light, and ugly behind you. Go past the electric fences, and speed some more, staying just to the right of center. Then go to the middle, then quickly right.

Fall on the third checkpoint. Go right and carefully doge the crunchers again. Jump on the bouncy boxes that are partially hidden behind the ice. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Jump onto the stack of boxes, and body slam (A + R) them, to shatter them into thousands of pieces. Jump right, and onto the bonus platform.

Go right, then left. Carefully jump The Path of the Fruit, and onto the bouncy box. When it breaks, follow the fruit trail. When you reach the platform with the TNT on it, activate it, then jump to the arrow box at the left. Carefully jump exactly in the middle of the ! Nitro to safely detonate all of the Nitro’s. Go right, and down. Jump exactly where the fruit is, then body slam the stack. Exit.

Go right, and up to the arrow boxes. Use them to go right. Snatch the crystal, and exit with a shiny new gem.

Take out the penguin, and the group of four boxes, then go back and hit the clock. Sprint forward, and jump the gap. Double-jump right, and hit the box that gets in your way. Jump over the TNT box, and spin the mask, then plow your way right. Slide quickly on the ice, and jump and spin past the penguins. Dart past the crunchers before they go down, then take the arrow right in one bounce.

Fall down the hole, and keep the dash button down the entire time, or when it is easy if you are not going for a good relic. Take the speed pad at the level, then stay in the center to avoid some obstacles, and get another speed pad.
Stay in the center, and jump over the penguins. Continue in the center, and jump over more penguins that just barely get in the way sometimes. Continue going again, for a while, then jump over several rows of mines. After that, jump over some penguins, then more penguins. Go slightly right to avoid a mine, then go all of the way right, so you aren’t electrified.

As you fall down, back into a normal level, press forward so you don’t land on the box. Dart past more crunchers, then body slam a stack of iron crates for the 2 second box they protect. Go up the steel boxes, and from the rightmost one, double-jump directly onto the snow. Jump over the boxes, and onto the exit pad.

Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

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