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0.00 Version History
1.00 Introduction
2.00 Story

3.00 Controls
3.1. Warp room
3.2. General in game
3.3. Crash Bandicoot
3.4. While Hanging
3.5. Underwater
3.6. Rocket
3.7. Hover Bike
3.8. Polar Bear
4.00 FAQ/Tips/Glitches
5.00 Bestiary
5.1. Enemies
5.2. Bosses
6.00 Items and Boxes
6.1. Items
6.2. Boxes
7.00 Walkthrough
7.1. Warp room 1
7.1.1. Level 1 Jungle Jam
7.1.2. Level 2 Shipwrecked
7.1.3. Level 3 Temple of Boom
7.1.4. Level 4 Frostbite Cavern
7.1.5. Level 5 Just in Slime
7.1.6. Boss 1 Dingodile
7.2. Warp room 2
7.2.1. Level 6 Snow Crash
7.2.2. Level 7 Rocket Racket
7.2.3. Level 8 Just Hangin’
7.2.4. Level 9 Shark Attack
7.2.5. Level 10 Ruined
7.2.6. Boss 2 N. Gin
7.3. Warp room 3
7.3.1. Level 11 Snow Job
7.3.2. Level 12 Ace of Space
7.3.3. Level 13 Sunken City
7.3.4. Level 14 Down the Hole
7.3.5. Level 15 Blimp Bonanza
7.3.6. Boss 3 Tiny
7.4. Warp room 4
7.4.1. Level 16 Star to Finish
7.4.2. Level 17 Air Supply
7.4.3. Level 18 No-Fly Zone
7.4.4. Level 19 Drip, Drip, Drip

7.4.5. Level 20 Final Countdown
7.4.6. Boss 4 Neo Cortex
8.00. Colored Gems
9.00. Extras
10.00. Copyright
11.00. Thanks

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Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

By: Kenny Barney

7.00 Walkthrough

7.1.4 Level 4 Frostbite Cavern

Sapphire Relic: 1:31:70 My best time: 1:01:60
Gold Relic: 1:17:10
Platinum Relic: 1:06:00 Best reader’s time: 1:01:10

=- - - - - - - =
Checkpoint Check
=- - - - - - - =

First 11 boxes Second 39 boxes Third 77 boxes Bonus 22 boxes End 114 boxes

Go right, and jump over the nitro. Counter the penguin’s spin with one of your own. Grab the box, and jump over the next nitro. Jump between the two bounce boxes for 20 fruit. Be careful when sliding on the ice to the right. Grab the mask and kill the seal to the right. Fall down into a chase section. You will be chased by a giant snow monster. He will crush anything in his path. If you miss a box, then he will get it if it is in front of him. He will always be just behind you, so stand about in front of the box and he will destroy it.

Stay to the right at first. Smash through the boxes, and you will get a mask. After that, stay to the center to avoid a penguin. Follow the fruit, to the right, to dodge an electric fence. Don’t want “Criminal Crash Caught by Cataclysmic Catalyzing Electric Fence” to happen, not do we. After some boxes and mines, go to the left, right, left. Then stay in the middle. Run into the second checkpoint. Go to the right, then left after the stack of nitro. Stay in the middle after that. When you get to a wall of nitro, jump over it, slightly to the right, and you will get a one-up. If you miss it, then big guy can still destroy it for you. Stay in the center, and you will reach the end of this section.

You will fall, and land on the third checkpoint box. Go right, and jump over the nitro on ice. Jump right, spin the penguin, and still yourself on the ice. Jump onto the mask, if you want it, and then jump right. Carefully jump over the nitro box, and onto dry snow. Get the crystal. As you go right, you will be attacked by seals. It is your job to seal the fate of the seal. Kill it, or them, and keep going. Hop on the Bonus platform.

Go right, and jump onto the arrow to get a bouncy box. You can just make it to the platform if you press right, but can get farther if you press jump just before you land, and hold it as you bounce on the box. Time your jump on the switching box so you will hit it when it changes to a Crash face, and use it to get the box above. If you wait to long, it will become a steel box, which will keep you from earning the gem. Go right, and jump on the TNT. Get the one-up box, and quickly go right.

Don’t hit the ! box yet. Destroy the bouncy box, then hit it. Use, and abuse the arrow box, then abandon it (get the normal box above, destroy the arrow box, and leave the bonus area.)

Jump right, and over the nitro box, then hit the nitro !. Jump right, and kill the seals that attack. End the level with a gem.

Take out the penguin, then come back for the clock. Use speed shoes whenever you can, as always. Hit it, then jump over the nitro box, and the next nitro box. Get the one second box. Go right, and get the mask, jump right, and plow through the seal and boxes for a 2 second box. Fall down the hole.

If the big guy gets a time box, then it won’t count, so you need to get all of them yourself, lazy. Also, if you can, hold B, turbo, the entire time. Get the two time boxes to the right. Then the mask and box, also right. Dodge obstacles, and get two 3 second boxes, again to the right. Stay in the center to avoid the barrage of penguins. Dodge the nitro box, and stay center. Go to the right for a one-second box, then stay in the center for a mask. If you managed to hold onto all of them, then you will be invincible now, and can just plow straight through everything. If so, then it will last you to the end of the section. If not, then stay in the center to avoid most obstacles.

When you fall, press right so you don’t waste time on the box. Go right, jumping over the nitro’s, and get the mask. You might become invincible again. Continue to go right, spinning away seals. Ignore the Nitro detonator, and keep moving forward until you reach the end.

7.1.5 Level 5 Just in Slime

Sapphire Relic: 1:39:40 My best time: 01:04:40
Gold Relic: 1:15:60
Platinum Relic: 1:06:50 Best reader’s time: 1:06:40

=- - - - - - - =
Checkpoint Check
=- - - - - - - =

First 63 boxes Second 83 boxes Third 129 boxes Bonus 47 boxes

Go right, smashing through boxes. You will come to a mouse, which is an easy enemy. Continue right until you reach the Bonus platform.

Smash the boxes, and jump across the gap. DON’T hit the ! box yet. Smash the box inside of the line boxes, then hit it, if you want. All it makes are steel boxes, which are worthless. Get the boxes there. If you can’t reach the space in between the bouncy boxes, use R + A to jump higher. Jump across the gap. Quickly and carefully jump over the ! Box, or jump on the boxes to get over all of it, and smash the timer box in the outline boxes. Then go back and hit this ! box, and any others that you might have missed.

Go right some more. Destroy the lower box in the stack with the bounce boxes so you can jump inside of them. Destroy the two stacks of TNT boxes to the right, while getting the one-up if you think it is worth the risk. On the staircase of TNT and miscellaneous boxes in front of you, jump on the TNT to reach the arrow box, then jump right. The TNT will take care of the rest. Destroy the TNT without sliding into it, which I did. From here it should be to simple even for this FAQ to reach the end of the Bonus Level.

Go right, and spin the scrubbing bubbles creature. Use high jump (once again R + A) to get in between the bouncy boxes to destroy them. Jump on the TNT boxes to the right. To get under the small gap, press RIGHT (optional) then press R. Press RIGHT to keep moving. Hit the first checkpoint. Go right, and slide under the pipe, being sure not to hit the mouse when your slide runs out. Go right, and jump over the first nitro box. Stand to the side of the nitro’s and jump and spin to destroy the box hovering above. Then jump over them. Go right, destroying boxes and enemies.

Jump carefully over the two nitro’s. Slide under the pipes, and don’t stand up where the nitro is. We will come back for the box above it. Get the timer box in the middle of the nitro’s before time runs out. Spin the boxes and get to checkpoint two. Go right, again destroying more boxes and enemies until you reach the nitro !. Get the one-up box if you want it, or just hit the !. Backtrack to the pipes, and get the two boxes there.

Go right, smashing through boxes and enemies until you come to a timer box and TNT boxes. Jump over the stack, and smash the normal box to the right. Then spin the timer box. Use the stack of boxes to the right to reach the Crash box in the air (how is this thing kept suspended?). Go right until you reach the third checkpoint. Continue going right. When you reach the boxes suspended above you, use the high jump (for a final time R + A) to reach the highest ones. Grab the crystal to the right in a shower of purple sparks. Slide under the low hanging platform and go to the end of the level.

Destroy the two boxes in front of you, and hit the clock. You should be able to keep the speed shoes on (L) for nearly all of the level. Go right, and jump over the stack of boxes. Smash the 2 second one at the end. Continue going right. Slide under the low hanging box, and jump over the TNT. When you reach the pipes, wait half a second, then slide under and you will take out the mouse. Get the three second box (duh). Spin and jump over boxes and enemies. When you reach the pipes, you will get a mask. If you want to kill some time, use it to hit the second nitro box so you can slide. It will shave a second or two off of your time. This is yet another thing that I discovered accident- ally, through my many mistakes.

Continue to go right, and double jump over the TNT box, and get the mask. Continue to go right, and jump over obstacles, and get time boxes. When you reach the grey platforms, you can just make it with a normal jump form one to the next. You will reach the end with, hopefully, plenty of time to spare.

Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

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