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0.00 Version History
1.00 Introduction
2.00 Story

3.00 Controls
3.1. Warp room
3.2. General in game
3.3. Crash Bandicoot
3.4. While Hanging
3.5. Underwater
3.6. Rocket
3.7. Hover Bike
3.8. Polar Bear
4.00 FAQ/Tips/Glitches
5.00 Bestiary
5.1. Enemies
5.2. Bosses
6.00 Items and Boxes
6.1. Items
6.2. Boxes
7.00 Walkthrough
7.1. Warp room 1
7.1.1. Level 1 Jungle Jam
7.1.2. Level 2 Shipwrecked
7.1.3. Level 3 Temple of Boom
7.1.4. Level 4 Frostbite Cavern
7.1.5. Level 5 Just in Slime
7.1.6. Boss 1 Dingodile
7.2. Warp room 2
7.2.1. Level 6 Snow Crash
7.2.2. Level 7 Rocket Racket
7.2.3. Level 8 Just Hangin’
7.2.4. Level 9 Shark Attack
7.2.5. Level 10 Ruined
7.2.6. Boss 2 N. Gin
7.3. Warp room 3
7.3.1. Level 11 Snow Job
7.3.2. Level 12 Ace of Space
7.3.3. Level 13 Sunken City
7.3.4. Level 14 Down the Hole
7.3.5. Level 15 Blimp Bonanza
7.3.6. Boss 3 Tiny
7.4. Warp room 4
7.4.1. Level 16 Star to Finish
7.4.2. Level 17 Air Supply
7.4.3. Level 18 No-Fly Zone
7.4.4. Level 19 Drip, Drip, Drip

7.4.5. Level 20 Final Countdown
7.4.6. Boss 4 Neo Cortex
8.00. Colored Gems
9.00. Extras
10.00. Copyright
11.00. Thanks

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Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

By: Kenny Barney

4.00 FAQ / Tips / Glitches

-------- Glitches --------

Sometimes you can spin into giant eels, but will die anyway.

Underwater, sometimes when you spin out the bottom two boxes, and there are two above it, the bottom box will land normally, but the upper one will fall through the lower box, then instantly settle on top of the box. If the lower box is a TNT one, then this will start its countdown.

Sometimes when crash moves by himself (ex. Breathing animations) this can cause you to die when he touches an enemy after you have stopped him.

In the green gem path, at the very beginning where there are 6 boxes hanging from the ceiling, there is a glitch where you will sometimes be stuck up there for a few seconds.

Sometimes you can touch a squid in an underwater level, and not die.

In the red gem path, use the bottom arrow to go up, then press left when you come down. Occasionally you might get stuck under the face-thingy in the wall.

------------------- Tips and Extra Help -------------------

You don’t lose lives in bonus area’s or some of the colored gem paths.

The game may make extra checkpoints for you, after you die 7 times with out hitting a checkpoint. It will also start you off with a mask after this time.

You can become invincible in a bonus area, but it wears off when you leave, or when the time runs out.

If you super-body slam just to the right of a nitro box, you will detonate them while still being safe.

If you are stand still just outside of an enemy’s range, and Crash pulls out his Gameboy.

--- FAQ ---

Q1. How many times do you need to die before you get a mask automatically?
A1. You need to die 7 times between hitting checkpoints.

Q2. I got all of the relics and gems but I am not at 100%. What gives?
A2. You need to get only gold or platinum relics or they don’t count. Also, you don’t need to beat the gold relic time, you can get it exactly.

Q3. What happened, I got three masks in an underwater level but nothing happened?
A3. In an underwater level, you can’t become invincible.

Q4. I shot a balloon in the flying level, but didn’t get the stuff in the box.
A4. You only get the contents of a box if you destroy the actual box, not the balloon. This is true for time boxes as well. You do get credit for destroying the box, though.

Q5. How could I return to a bonus platform when I died in the normal level?
A5. The game will count the bonus platform as a checkpoint, like in the first crash game. However, I do not count it as one.

Q6. The arrow box at ________ won’t let me go far enough.
A6. If you press jump before you land on the arrow box, you can jump farther.

Q7. How do I get the second clear gem?
A7. To get the second clear gem, first you need to get the right colored gem. When you do this, the outline of a gem will turn solid. Jump on the outline to go to the colored gem path. The clear gem is in there somewhere.

Q8. How do I get the outline of a gem to fill in?
A8. You need to get that colored gem, and it will fill up. See 0008 to find where all of the colored gems are.

Q9. Where do I get the colored gem from?
A9. Look at section 0008 to find it.

Q10. How do I get the nitro boxes?
A10. You need to hit the green ! box. Usually it is near the end of the level.

Q11. After the third checkpoint, in level 16, there is a wall to high for me jump over. How do I get around it?
A11. To get over the wall, stand next to it, and crouch down. Then jump, and double jump at the top. This will give you enough height to clear the wall.
-From Philiwily90

Q12. Help me, I can’t jump high enough.
A12. There are several ways that you can jump higher. One of them is to crouch first, by pressing the R button, then jump. It will make you jump one “block” higher. Also, if you are on an arrow box, press jump before you land on it, and hold it down, and you will go higher -sandscorpion

Q13. How do you damage Cortex, the last boss?
A13. To damage him, dodge his shots until the platforms under the gems switch so you can stand on them. Do so, and wait until the targeter changes to solid red. Get down immediately, and Cortex will destroy the gem. Repeat this 2 more times, and you will win.

Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

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