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I. Intro
II. Play Mechanics
III. Frequently Asked Questions
IV. Walkthrough Step 1 2 3 4 5
V. Item lists
VI. Garage/Village Building
VII. Shop list
VIII. Credits

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Car Battler Joe FAQ/Walkthrough

By Captain K.

IV. Walkthrough

A couple of new routes are available at this point.

Coneha ->Miller Hassah
Hug the left wall and jump over the forest to get CardOD05. This gives you the Long-jump Overdrive.

Miller Hassah->Oasis
Hug the left wall. Jump over the forest to get a RearMine. Later on there will be another forest to jump over, leading to an enclosed area. There is an enemy to fight here that drops the TBodSKL

At this point the game will not continue until you build your garage up to level 7 (the mobile garage). Once you've done that, go to Miller Hassah to see the Red Guns in action. Go back to Padorko to talk to Takah, then go to your house to meet Sho Kaido, leader of the Red Guns.

In the first route, there isn't anything special. In the second route, head left onto the water to find a PBodC01. Then go right and destroy a gun to get CardOD03. This gives you the Nitro Overdrive.
In the third route, head left to find a CrssBeam. Then go back to the right. Destroy a tree to get a CardCPrUp, then destroy a large vehicle to get an EChasSPR.

In the first route, hug the right wall. There's a small path guarded by guns. Inside is a large vehicle that drops an EBodB02. In the second route, head left. There's an invisible enemy that drops CardOD16. This gives you the Hyper-slide Overdrive.

Remaveh->Mirage City
Hug left wall. After a long time, you will find a gun that drops CardOD24. This gives you the Invisible X Overdrive. When you get to the exit, don't go in, but continue on. Eventually you will run into another gun that drops a GorgBombX.

Now you fight someone familiar - your father! You can't hurt him thanks to his permanent barrier. After your life drops down to ¬, Sho will arrive to help out. He drops a HPResAll and takes out Jim's barrier.

After you win, you end up back in Georgetown. Jim has a heart-to-heart with you and you both decide to go get the Empire!

In the first route, hug the left wall. There are some guns which drop a CardCPrUp, a gem, and a BeamVlcX.

In the second route, hug the right wall. Jump over the rocks to reach a PBodD03. Eventually you will come to a gun that guards a small enclosed area to the left There is a vehicle there that drops a PChasHYP.

In Rusty, unload your car and get ready to continue.

Hideout Area Hug the right wall to find an EBodEZM.

Yet another easy battle with Ken. Enemy's Hideout

Area->Empire HQ
Hug the right wall. Jump over the wall and destroy the pillbox to get CardOD23. This gives you the Barrier Z Overdrive.

Battle Ryu Mossoud

After you damage him, he'll put up an unstoppable barrier. Just let him damage you and the cavalry will arrive.

Be careful after his barrier drops! Your life is rather low and he can still take you out quickly.

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