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I. Intro
II. Play Mechanics
III. Frequently Asked Questions
IV. Walkthrough Step 1 2 3 4 5
V. Item lists
VI. Garage/Village Building
VII. Shop list
VIII. Credits

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Car Battler Joe FAQ/Walkthrough

By Captain K.

IV. Walkthrough

After driving a short way, you will find your path blocked off by trees. In order to get past, you will have to use the Jump Overdrive that you picked up on the way to Samoge. Build up a little speed, then press up and B to jump on top of the trees. Once you're on top of an obstacle, you can just drive anywhere on top of it. Hug the right wall and follow the route. Towards the end you will find a CardBPrUp. This improves your car's hit points and defenses when used. Once in Guts, talk to the man. Now you can bring materials to this village to build it up just like your Garage.

Hug the left wall all the way around. After a while, you'll see a big gun emplacement. Destroy it to get a CardOD1. This is the SuperDash Overdrive. Continue into the area that the gun emplacement was guarding. Eventually you will find a big tree in front of some woods. Destroy the tree, then jump onto the woods. This leads to a small area where you fight a tough car. The car drops a Panther ChasNML+1. Nothing special, but hey, it's free. There's also a gem laying on the ground.

Coneha is a big city, with everything Padorko has and a bit more. The License Center is here. You can take tests to increase your rank, but you probably won't be able to pass until you upgrade your car a bit.

At this point the story won't progress until you've done a few jobs. At some point Takah will tell you about a special job where you will transport a young girl.

Nothing special here. Be sure to unload your cargo when you get to Samoge.

Hug the right wall. A Gun emplacement drops a CardBPrUp. After that is a rock with $400 and a PEngNT3 laying on the ground. Later on, there's a rock with a gem.

Defeat Bandit Abul!

Follow the route and destroy the cars as you go. The fight against Abul is really easy because he's so slow.

Enjoy the cutscenes with Marion, then continue on.

Hug the left wall. Jump over the forest to find a TEngNT1.

Shortly after you enter , you'll encounter a very large vehicle. Destroy it to get a NapBomb.

Hug the wall to the right. Jump over the forest and continue to the right to find a LongLasr.

Runaha->Holly View
Hug the right wall. There's a CardCPwrUp lying on the ground. Later on there's a rock with $1000.

In Holly View, unpack your cargo and talk to Harry. He gives you his CardNav40.

Holly View->Nameless Village
Hug the left wall. Destroy a rock to get a MChasSPR. Right before the end, turn right and there's a large vehicle that drops a SuprBSaw. There's also a rock near the beginning that has $1000 under it.

Nameless Village->Oasis
Hug left wall. Destroy a rock to get a MBodA01.

Oasis->Sashim Plaza
Hug left wall. Destroy large vehicle to get CardOD15-Longslide.

Find the Black Box

Just follow the car tracks until you find the box lying on the ground. Now Casey will challenge you to a fight. Rather easy - just shoot him as he circles around you.

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