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I. Intro
II. Play Mechanics
III. Frequently Asked Questions
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V. Item lists
VI. Garage/Village Building
VII. Shop list
VIII. Credits

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Car Battler Joe FAQ/Walkthrough

By Captain K.

I. Intro

Car Battler Joe is an entertaining RPG by Natsume for the Gameboy Advance. Like the old PC game Autoduel, it features a person engaging in battle on the roadways of the future. It also has a collectibility thing going on, as you try to get all the different car parts in the game. Sort of like Pokemon if Mad Max was the trainer. :)

The cast of characters:
Joe Todoroki: The hero of the story, Joe is a 16-year-old who finds out that his family is part of the elite group known as Car Battlers. He drives an A-type Panther. Pal: Joe's G-Com.

Pal hooks up to Joe's gun vehicle to enable weapons firing. Pal also does most of the talking for Joe.

Jim Todoroki: Joe's father, who has been missing for 12 years. Where's my child support money? He drives a modified A-type Panther.

Wanna: Joe's mother, who is strangely supportive of her missing husband and his dangerous lifestyle. She's quite a mechanic also.

Takah: Owner of the Padorko weapon shop. He provides much assistance to Joe.

Marion: A young girl that Joe transports to a mountain village. What is it with this game and abandoned children?

Harry: A former Grand Prix champion that now lives in seclusion.

Shirley Dohmo: Leader of the Dohmo Family gang. She drives a modified C-type Eagle.

Casey: Another member of the Dohmos, he worships Shirley.

Ken Kaido: A young man who is your rival, and claims to have trained with none other than your father! He drives a modified D-type Tiger.

Sho Kaido: Leader of the Red Guns gang. A mysterious Robin Hood-like character. Drives a modified A-type Tiger.

Ryu Mossoud: Leader of the Empire gang. Reportedly his gang has uncovered some ancient technology which has made them the most feared Car Battlers on the road.

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