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1. Version History
2. General Knowledge
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. General Strategies

5. Campaign
5.1 Orange Star 5.1.1 Cleanup 5.1.2 Border Skirmish 5.1.3 Orange Dawn
5.1.4 Flak Attack
5.1.5 Lash Out 5.1.6 Andy's Time
5.1.7 Test of Time
5.1.8 Liberation
5.2 Blue Moon
5.2.1 Reclamation 5.2.2 Toy Box 5.2.3 Tanks!!!
5.2.4 T Minus 15
5.2.5 Neotanks?!
5.2.6 Nature Walk
5.2.7 Two-Week Test (A rank) 5.2.8 Factory Blues
5.3 Yellow Comet
5.3.1 Silo Scramble 5.3.2 Sensei's Return
5.3.3 Show Stopper
5.3.4 Duty and Honor 5.3.5 Foul Play
5.3.6 A Mirror Darkly
5.3.7 Sea of Hope 5.3.8 The Hunt's End
5.4 Green Earth
5.4.1 Sea Fortress 5.4.2 Sinking Feeling
5.4.3 Drake's Dilemma
5.4.4 Rain of Fire 5.4.5 Danger X9
5.4.6 To the Rescue
5.4.7 Navy vs. Air 5.4.8 Great Sea Battle
5.5 Black Hole
5.5.1 Hot Pursuit
5.5.2 Final Front
6. Hard Campaign
7. War Room
7.01 Spann Island 7.02 Moji Island 7.03 Duo Falls
7.04 Sole Harbour
7.05 Pivot Isle
7.06 Land's End 7.07 Kita Straight 7.08 Point Stormy 7.09 Ridge Island
7.10 Mial's Hope
7.11 Bounty River 7.12 Toil Ferry 7.13 Twin Isle
7.14 Dire Range 7.15 Egg Island
7.16 Terra Maw
7.17 Stamp Island 7.18 Rivers Four 7.19 Ring Islands 7.20 Last Mission
7.21 Pay Dirt
7.22 Long Road 7.23 Nest Egg 7.24 The Trident 7.25 Banker Hills
7.26 missile Plains
7.27 Lost Basin 7.28 Risky Vale 7.29 The Ring 7.30 Strong Land
8. CO Tactics and Information
8.1 Orange Star COs 8.1.1 Andy
8.1.2 Sami
8.1.3 Max
8.1.4 Nell
8.1.5 Hachi
8.2 Blue Moon COs 8.2.1 Olaf
8.2.2 Grit
8.2.3 Colin
8.3 Yellow Comet COs 8.3.1 Kanbei
8.3.2 Sonja
8.3.3 Sensei
8.4 Green Earth COs
8.4.1 Eagle
8.4.2 Drake
8.4.3 Jess
8.5 Black Hole COs
8.5.1 Flak 8.5.2 Lash
8.5.3 Adder
8.5.4 Hawke
8.5.5 Sturm
9. Units tactics and information
9.1 Ground units 9.2 Sea units 9.3 Air units
10. Records
10.1 War Room Records
11. Secrets
11.1 Unlocking COs 11.2 Lab Map Locations 11.3 Flashing Menus
12. Other Things
12.1 Contacting Information/Contribute? 12.2 Thank you 12.3 Contributors 12.4 Legal Inforamtion

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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Complete Campaign Walkthrough

By: Lars Barlindhaug

3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1 Contact Information
Send in your question to: [email protected]
Note: with some fonts the 1 might look like the l so make sure to copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) the e-mail

Please make sure you have read through the entire guide to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.

Remember to say so if you don't want your e-mail, (full) name to be next to your question.

4. General Strategies

------ Index: ------
4. General Strategies
4.1 Formations
4.1.1 Flying Column
4.1.2 Circled Wagon
4.1.3 Leapfrogging Units
4.2 Useful Tips
4.3 Useful Hints
4.3.1 Tips and Hints on getting a S-rank
4.4 Fog of War Tactics
4.5 Terrain Tactics
4.5.1 Missile Silos
4.5.2 Pipelines

------------------------ Quick Capture: -----------------------
You build a T-copter/APC/Lander and an Infantry the first day and send them towards the HQ for a quick capture.
Recommended maps: Last Mission (AW1 only)
Recommended COs: Sami

----------------------- Mech flood: ----------------------------
When your enemy feels pressured, you'll see he/her might start build mechs on all his/hers factories. If you then only got tanks and no anti-airs or recons, it can get difficult.
It's one of the easiest things to do. All you have to do is build mechs on all bases and move them towards the enemy and attack.
This strategy works best on maps that are open where you can attack from several sides. It's also important to have many factories and not too great distances to walk.
Recommended maps: -
Recommended COs: Sami Sensei

4.1 Formation

4.1.1 Flying Column
------------------ ------------------------------------------------
*Tank* *Artillery* *Rockets* *APC*
The first formation called a flying column backs a Tank/Mid.
Tank with two indirect units and an APC. The tank/Mid. Tank takes the enemy fire, while rockets and artillery clear the way.
Use the APC to refuel as needed
4.1.2 Circled Wagon
*Tank* *APC* *Infantry*
Once a unit is surrounded on all four sides it can be attacked only by either eliminating a guard unit or using long range weapons. Using circled wagons is a handy way to protect APCs missiles, rockets and even your bases and HQ.
You can also surround an enemy fighter with four ground units or an enemy ground unit, of course not Anti-Air, with four fighters
4.1.3 Leapfrogging Units
*Mid. Tank*
*Recon* *Blank* *Blank* *Recon*
Don't get ahead of yourself while advancing. Make sure speedy units, like recons, stay in range of other units for protection. If you leave an unprotected unit in the open, it will be destroyed in a matter of moments.

4.2 Useful Tips
* Always press the L button before ending your turn to check if you have moved all of your units.
*Press A + B + Start + Select to restart the game. If you haven't saved your data will not be saved.

4.3 Useful Hints
* You can capture enemy bases as well as cities.
* If you don't have any infantry to capture the enemy base, place any unit on top of it to block it so that it can't produce any more units. Preferably use a strong unit, that has few bullets or little gas left.
* When you capture a HQ and there is still an other player left you'll get all of the money and bases that the defeated player had. So when you're playing a match with more than one opponent, try not to destroy all of his units, but go for the HQ instead.
4.3.1 Tips and Hints on getting a S-rank
In the last days of the battle build as many units as you can with all of your funds. The money you have left once the battle is over won't be saved.
Save right before finishing. If you've finished a map and got 100 in speed and low on Technique and power try stalling it a couple of days building units and destroying any units your opponent might build. Maybe it'll raise your score, or it might lower your score so don't save again until you see your score.
Before capturing HQ/blowing up pipe seam/blowing up black cannon etc. destroy as many units as you can, this way you'll get a higher power score.

4.4 Fog of War Tactics
Use Sonja: If you can choose Sonja as your CO. With her great vision range she is the best Fog of War CO.
Turn on Battle Animations: These might get annoying after playing for a while and you decide to turn them of to speed things up. They do have one purpose tough, you can see what attacked you. This is very important in FoW. Then you'll know if it was an artillery, rocket or battleship that attacked you and hints on where it's located (forest, city, reef).
Use recon units: This might feel like very week units with the firepower of an infantry, and that's exactly the case, but they have an excellent movement range and the best vision range. Use them wisely.
Climb mountains with infantry: Not only do the infantries get much better defense, they also get better vision range (they see over the fog).
Hide in reefs and forests: If you are in a reef or a forest an enemy unit has to be next to you to see you. Great place for hiding long distance units. Beware the enemy uses this tactic extensively.
Cheating computer: The computer still cheats. I've had the experience that the computer sees you even tough it couldn't. This has never happened in forests so they are safe.

4.5 Terrain Tactics
4.5.1 Missile Silos:
Missile silos are great tactical addition to the game. You have to be careful when you fire them, they can only be used once in each battle. If you fire them too early your enemy doesn't have enough units deployed so it doesn't do much damage. If you wait too long an enemy infantry might still it from you or your units are mixed up in the enemy's and you will hit your own along with the enemy's.

Missile silo fire range:

                     X X X
                   X X X X X  
                     X X X


4.5.2 Pipelines:
Pipelines are used to fuel the Black Hole Army's factories. They also block everything form going past them, even airplanes, although indirect units can fire over them. The only way through is to blow up the seam.
The seam can be blown up in two turns using a regular bomber, Neotanks or Md. tank. Using an indirect unit and one of the units mentioned the seam can be blown up in one turn.



  Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising

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