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1. Version History
2. General Knowledge
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. General Strategies

5. Campaign
5.1 Orange Star 5.1.1 Cleanup 5.1.2 Border Skirmish 5.1.3 Orange Dawn
5.1.4 Flak Attack
5.1.5 Lash Out 5.1.6 Andy's Time
5.1.7 Test of Time
5.1.8 Liberation
5.2 Blue Moon
5.2.1 Reclamation 5.2.2 Toy Box 5.2.3 Tanks!!!
5.2.4 T Minus 15
5.2.5 Neotanks?!
5.2.6 Nature Walk
5.2.7 Two-Week Test (A rank) 5.2.8 Factory Blues
5.3 Yellow Comet
5.3.1 Silo Scramble 5.3.2 Sensei's Return
5.3.3 Show Stopper
5.3.4 Duty and Honor 5.3.5 Foul Play
5.3.6 A Mirror Darkly
5.3.7 Sea of Hope 5.3.8 The Hunt's End
5.4 Green Earth
5.4.1 Sea Fortress 5.4.2 Sinking Feeling
5.4.3 Drake's Dilemma
5.4.4 Rain of Fire 5.4.5 Danger X9
5.4.6 To the Rescue
5.4.7 Navy vs. Air 5.4.8 Great Sea Battle
5.5 Black Hole
5.5.1 Hot Pursuit
5.5.2 Final Front
6. Hard Campaign
7. War Room
7.01 Spann Island 7.02 Moji Island 7.03 Duo Falls
7.04 Sole Harbour
7.05 Pivot Isle
7.06 Land's End 7.07 Kita Straight 7.08 Point Stormy 7.09 Ridge Island
7.10 Mial's Hope
7.11 Bounty River 7.12 Toil Ferry 7.13 Twin Isle
7.14 Dire Range 7.15 Egg Island
7.16 Terra Maw
7.17 Stamp Island 7.18 Rivers Four 7.19 Ring Islands 7.20 Last Mission
7.21 Pay Dirt
7.22 Long Road 7.23 Nest Egg 7.24 The Trident 7.25 Banker Hills
7.26 missile Plains
7.27 Lost Basin 7.28 Risky Vale 7.29 The Ring 7.30 Strong Land
8. CO Tactics and Information
8.1 Orange Star COs 8.1.1 Andy
8.1.2 Sami
8.1.3 Max
8.1.4 Nell
8.1.5 Hachi
8.2 Blue Moon COs 8.2.1 Olaf
8.2.2 Grit
8.2.3 Colin
8.3 Yellow Comet COs 8.3.1 Kanbei
8.3.2 Sonja
8.3.3 Sensei
8.4 Green Earth COs
8.4.1 Eagle
8.4.2 Drake
8.4.3 Jess
8.5 Black Hole COs
8.5.1 Flak 8.5.2 Lash
8.5.3 Adder
8.5.4 Hawke
8.5.5 Sturm
9. Units tactics and information
9.1 Ground units 9.2 Sea units 9.3 Air units
10. Records
10.1 War Room Records
11. Secrets
11.1 Unlocking COs 11.2 Lab Map Locations 11.3 Flashing Menus
12. Other Things
12.1 Contacting Information/Contribute? 12.2 Thank you 12.3 Contributors 12.4 Legal Inforamtion

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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Complete Campaign Walkthrough

By: Lars Barlindhaug

5. Campaign

5.5.2 Final Front

 ________ ___________ __________ _______ _______________
|        |           |          |       |               |
| Cities | Factories | Airports | Ports | Missile Silos |
|        |           |          |       |               |
|   35   |    22     |   14     |   0   |      12       |

Max number of days for perfect speed: 25 days, -1 point for each additional day
Strategy no.1 by Kyle ([email protected])
Rank: S/A CO: Max (Sami and Andy is not recommended) (right) Colin (Grit and Olaf are not recommended) (middle) Eagle (Sonja and Jess are not recommended) (left) vs: Sturm
Level: ***** **
Speed: 100/100 10 days
Power: /100
Technique: /100
Start with building infantry for all armies to start capturing cities. For Colin, this really isn't important, but it will get you more money. You should save money for Colin so he can buy a bomber. Eagle and Max should build units to protect their HQ. To build up your power rating, make sure to destroy some units while Colin's bomber makes its way to the Deathray.

Now for the bomber part. Move it up so it doesn't get hit by the black cannons, there is a place where both black cannons can't get you. Move away from the deathray fire, like right next to the left cannon perhaps. Just look at their range for both units. Now, don't destroy the black cannons, you don't have time because of the deathray. Sturm also has a missile launcher near the right cannon. It overlooked me so I flew right up to the deathray and destroyed it. Remember to destroy units for power and join and build units for technique.

Strategy no.2
Rank: C
CO: Max or Sami (Andy is not recommended) Colin (Grit and Olaf are not recommended) Eagle (Sonja and Jess are not recommended) vs: Sturm
Level: ***** **
Speed: 99/100 26 days 25 days max, -1 point for each additional day
Power: 48/100
Technique: 26/100

Currently my rank here isn't good at all. The first time I did it, I got a B, but when I was going through while writing this walkthrough I only got a C. I got an overall of S so I didn't restart. He

you are at last and hardest mission. You've got two black cannons stopping you from doing anything except defending yourself. You don't really have to take out more than one. If you get all the way to the cannons with a 9-10 HP bomber you might as well go for the death ray.

Be very careful about the death ray. I forgot it EVERY time, so save often so you can restart if you forget it.

---- Max: ----
You need to stand on the bridges and try to hold Sturm back. It might look easy at first glance, but don't fall for the temptation of helping your allies you'll have your hands full in a couple of rounds. Build different units, even an artillery or two can come in handy.

------ Colin: ------
You probably won't be able to get the factory to the north by the pipes, but you can get the two to the west, the two cities to the north. Focus mostly on neotanks and by some rockets if you have enough units to protect them from enemy fire. Just try to hold them back as good as you can.

------ Eagle: ------
Eagle will have it easiest, so that's the CO to use when you're going for the death ray.
Build a copter and fly for the north base by the pipes, stay out of the black cannons fire. Land on the base and drop your infantry north or east. Also capture the rest of nearby bases and cities.
Build some tanks, anti-airs and bombers. Be careful, Sturm will build some Missiles that are going to give you a real hard time. Try to get to the east black cannon as soon as possible, then if you aren't hurt too much, go for the death ray.

--- Congratulations! You have completed the Advance Wars campaign. Take a look in the battlemaps shop to see what Hachi just got in. Better start saving those points.

--- Now test your skills in the Hard Campaign, War Room, or try getting a S-rank in Campaign if you didn't get one. The game is far from finished.


  Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising

adwance wars 2 cheats

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